Revolutionary convenience and performance

  • Faster, easier changes – with no spanner, nut or flange to get lost
  • Six new X-LOCK angle grinders – enhancing productivity, ergonomics and safety
  • Extensive new X-LOCK accessory range – also compatible with standard angle grinders

One click is all you need. Bosch Professional has introduced a revolution in convenience for angle grinder users with X-LOCK – the fastest, simplest, most trouble-free accessory-change system ever. Launched at the same time as this game-changer are 6 small but powerful X-LOCK angle grinders, whose innovative features will improve productivity, ergonomics and safety.

X-LOCK advantages

Conventional accessory attachment involves a nut, a flange and a spanner, any of which can easily be lost – leading to downtime and frustration. X-LOCK, by contrast, is a genuinely tool-less alternative. Simply bring the accessory and grinder connecting surfaces into contact and press. A reassuring ‘click’ sound tells you they are firmly locked.

To remove a disc, just flick a lever on the grinder. Changeovers can be completed in 5 seconds – which is five times faster than normal. You can even do it while wearing gloves. There’s no attachment nut to seize up on a jammed disc – or to get in your way when working at flat angles, or damage material surfaces. What’s more, X-LOCK indicates the right accessory mounting direction and won’t allow direction-specific accessories such as diamond cutting discs to be mounted incorrectly.

Accessories for every use

A comprehensive new range of more than 130 X-LOCK accessories covers everything from metalwork and stonework to plumbing, tiling and other cutting and grinding tasks. Almost all of these can also be used on your older, non-X-LOCK angle grinders with conventional clamping systems. (The exceptions are diamond dry core drills and cup/round brushes.) Discs vary in diameter between 115 and 125 mm. The collection includes:

  • Metalwork accessories – fibre, SCM and flap discs, as well as cup and round brushes, for cutting and roughing
  • Stone/concrete/tiling accessories – diamond cutting discs, diamond dry core drills and diamond milling cutters
  • Carbide multi-wheels – useful for cutting wood containing nails, along with plastic, composite or drywall construction materials

New X-LOCK angle grinders

The six small X-LOCK angle grinders comprise one corded model and five 18 V battery-powered cordless products. The cordless machines provide equivalent power to a 1000 W corded grinder. Compared to predecessors, they are up to 35% more powerful and give up to 100% longer runtime. Their ergonomic features include an intuitive user interface – showing tool status and enabling speed selection – and an inbuilt LED working light. They can also be fitted with a Bosch connectivity module which connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth for advanced functionality.

Enhanced health and safety

Automatic safety systems on the new X-LOCK angle grinders include KickBack Control, which immediately shuts down power to the motor if the disc is suddenly jammed. Drop Control does the same as soon as a dropped tool hits the floor. In models with a PROtection Switch, power is instantly cut if the user lets go, while the X-Brake brings discs to a complete halt within one second of the tool stopping.

Optional aids include Soft Start, allowing progressive build-up of speed to avoid initial kickbacks, and Restart Protection, preventing an unexpected start-up after a power cut or battery change. Auxiliary handles with vibration damping can also be specified.

X-LOCK availability

Bosch Professional angle grinders with the X-LOCK system, as well as an extensive range of accessories, will be available from May 2019 with additional models following in future.

Model – corded angle grinders 900 – 1 900 watts  Comes with  RRP Ex VAT
GWX 9-115 S Professional Anti-Vibration Handle £137.78
Model – cordless angle grinders 18V Comes with  RRP Ex VAT
GWX 18V-10 C Professional Anti-Vibration Handle, L-BOXX (no batteries or charger) £343.33
GWX 18V-10 SC Professional Anti-Vibration Handle, L-BOXX (no batteries or charger) £383.33
GWX 18V-10 PC Professional Anti-Vibration Handle, L-BOXX (no batteries or charger) £343.33
GWX 18V-10 PSC Professional Anti-Vibration Handle, L-BOXX (no batteries or charger) £383.33
GWX 18 V-15 SC Professional Anti-Vibration Handle, L-BOXX (no batteries or charger) £422.22


X-Lock Expert for Metal & Inox Cutting Disc, diameter 125 x 1 x 22.23 mm £2.10
X-Lock Expert for Metal Roughing Disc, diameter 125 x 6 mm x 22.23 mm £3.99
X-Lock Expert for Metal Fiber Disc, diameter 125 mm, G 60, R444 £0.75
X-Lock Best for Metal Flap Disc, diameter 125 x 22.23 mm, G 40, X571 £4.28
X-Lock Cup Brush, knotted, diameter 75 mm, steel, 0.5 mm £22.50
X-LOCK ACCESSORY – Stonework, concrete, tiles etc. RRP Ex VAT
X-Lock Standard for Universal Diamond Cutting Disc, diameter 125 x 1.6 x 10 x 22.23 mm £21.48
X-Lock Best for Ceramic Extraclean Turbo Diamond Cutting Disc, diameter 125 x 1.4 x 7 x 22.23 mm £38.53
X-Lock Dry Speed Diamond Dry Core Drill, diameter 68 mm £189.20
X-Lock Diamond Burr, diameter 20 mm £97.95
X-LOCK ACCESSORY – Wheel accessories RRP Ex VAT
X-Lock Carbide Multi Wheel, diameter 125 x 1 x 22.23 mm £30.00
X-Lock Multi Material Cutting Wheel, diameter 125 x 1 x 22.23 mm £2.94

To find out more, see the Bosch Professional website