Creating limitless routing possibilities, the Sauter OFL3.0 pivoting router lift can create grooves, rebates, chamfers and mitre cuts, all of which are ppossible with a one slot routing cutter.

Designed and made in Germany, the Sauter OFL3.0 is the world's first pivoting router lift designed for small workshops and DIYers. Any router motor with a standard 43mm neck will fit into the OFL3.0, allowing creative routing. The motor can be pivoted to any angle between -5° and 50° and has fixed points at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° and 45°.


The router lift is easily adjusted with two lockable levers making for quick and easy adjustments. Height adjustment is with an Allen screw on the top of the lift, and the lift can be raised or lowered 101mm with an accuracy of 0.1mm. The height can then be locked. The lift has laser-engraved scales to allow perfect positioning of the rip fence.
Any angle between -5° and 50° can be reached with extreme accuracy, with a Vernier scale being used for fine adjustments.

Bit changes are also made easy with everything taking place above the table, thus making it safer and quicker. Special oblong magnetic reduction plates are available in six different sizes depending on the size of cutter, and router bits up to 55mm in diameter can be used.

The OFL3.0 fits in almost every router table (306 x 229mm), and a version especially in Kreg format (298 x 235mm) is also available. The OFL saves you money by allowing a few router bits to replace many. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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