Axminster Tools - Workshop Essentials - Fixings

Axminster has recently introduced some new sets to its range of workshop fixings.

Under the name of Workshop Essentials, there are new sets of hose clamps, retaining clips (e-clips), copper sealing & sump washers, flat washers, nylon lock nuts, assorted nails, washer sealing rings, rubber O-rings and assorted pop rivets.  They’re perfectly suited to the hobby workshop, the professional and especially the home; in fact anywhere a quick fix is needed quickly!

Here is a bit more information about some of the sets.

Copper sealing & sump washers have many uses in plumbing, automotive applications, low pressure hydraulics, pneumatics and pumps. They are well suited for use in outdoor architectural and building applications where there is exposure to the weather. Being a good conductor of electricity, copper washers are useful in electrical applications (average contents 150).

Hose clamps feature CR3 zinc plating against corrosion. These clips are ideal for fastening hoses around pipes or taps, repairs to domestic appliances and automotive applications. To secure the clip, the worm screw has a hexagonal head and screwdriver slot (average contents 26).

Flat washers are made of steel with CR3 zinc plating to prevent corrosion; made to DIN 125 standard. With this useful assortment you will have the washer you need whenever you need it (average contents 900).

Nylon lock nuts have a nylon insert on their upper face. The grip of the nylon insert resists turning forces thus preventing the nut from coming loose when subject to vibration. They come in 6 sizes, ranging from M3 to M10.The nuts are steel with CR3 zinc plating to prevent corrosion, made to DIN 985 standard (average contents 195).

Assorted nails consist of both masonry and common nails in a variety of lengths. The common nails are nickel plated to protect against corrosion (average contents 580).

All these Workshop Essentials come in a useful plastic organiser box 210 x 110 x 30mm.  These new essential fixings sets will stop those annoying moments when a nail, washer or clip is required and there isn’t one to hand. All fixings come with a handy selection of sizes. Prices range from £4.99 up to £11.99.

You can also buy all 11 as a kit – Axminster’s Mighty Maintenance Kit – at a special introductory price of £39.96.

All prices include vat and may be subject to change without notice.

Thanks to Axminster Tools and Machinery for the news.

For more details, see the Axminster Tools Website