Ideally suited to the high quality finishing and maintenance of kitchen cabinetry, Futura Aqua from TeknosPro is a family of three incredibly durable and easy to use waterborne urethane alkyd based paints that offer a range of sheen levels coupled with excellent sanding and adhesive properties.  The paints can be used on bare, new cabinetry or to renew an existing scheme.

Teknos Futura Aqua 80 provides an extremely high gloss finish which replicates the look of traditional oil-based products. Futura Aqua 40 is a semigloss finish while Futura Aqua 20 gives a semi-matt finish which is a highly durable water-based alternative to oil eggshell paints. These finishes are complemented by Futura Aqua 3, a water-borne, full-matt, alkyd based adhesion primer. All are suited to professionals who are embracing the latest hand-applied spray technology to achieve a smooth finish on items they would traditionally have brush applied.

The extensive range of colour shades have modern pigments that disperse evenly through the paint and provide lasting colour that is fade, weather and UV resistant, so the finish retains its appearance over time. Futura Aqua sprays easily through a hand-held sprayer and may be thinned with water if necessary; quick drying times mean the surface is dry after one hour and can be over-coated in four hours.

Along with cabinetry, the Futura Aqua range can be used for a wide variety of interior and exterior applications, including doors, window casements, mouldings, panels, radiators and garden furniture.

The sustainable Futura Aqua products are toy standard and marine equipment approved, and comply fully with European VOC emission standards and REACH regulations. They do not contain lead, chrome or other heavy metal additives and the paint is low to no odour so is safer for decorators while helping to ensure indoor air quality. Equipment is easily washed with detergent and warm water.

Teknos Futura Aqua is supplied in 0.9, 2.7 and 9 litre sizes depending on the product.

For further information contact 01608 688925 or see the Teknos website