New products from Veritas this winter

Veritas marking and transfer tools


Veritas Marking & Transfer Tool

The Veritas marking and transfer tool is a very modern interpretation of the traditional story stick. However, this is one you can use time and again and is a good deal more accurate than a wooden lathe. The great advantage of this tool is that it lets you accurately mark or transfer several positions at once from a common reference edge. The basic tool includes four 75mm(3") long marking heads, a 305mm(12") stainless steel rod and a brass foot. The marking heads have a single straight reference edge (reversible by flipping the head). The heads will lock at any position along the rod. The brass foot fits on either end of the rod and is reversible for outside or inside measurements. (Product code: 101718)

Veritas Variable Angle Fence for Veritas Planes

This innovative plane fence mounts onto the sides of the Veritas custom bench, shooting, bevel-up jointer and jack rebate planes. Two stainless steel thumbscrews use the tapped holes in the plane’s side. The design doesn't limit you to right angles only. The fence pivots to allow the accurate and consistent planing of any angle from 45° to 135°. A spring-loaded lever locks the fence securely. Through-holes in the 280mm(11") long aluminium fence allow you to attach a wooden extension or a tapered spacer for planing angles less than 45°. (Product code: 101717)

Veritas 9 Piece Set Up Blocks (Metric)

This nine piece set includes three vinyl shims (two 0.5mm and one 1mm thick); 2mm, 4mm, 8mm and 16mm thick aluminium blocks (a second 16mm thick block is included to simplify 32mm spacing) and a 25mm x 50mm x 75mm steel block. The shims and aluminium blocks are 50mm long and accurate to within 0.05mm; the steel block is accurate to 0.018mm. Combined, the set allows stacking from 0.5mm to 123mm in 0.5mm increments. It is supplied in a hard-shell plastic case with dividers to protect the pieces. (Product code: 101709)

All three products are made in Canada.

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