Veritas miniature bench plane

Ian Wilkie performs a mini test on an extremely well-made plane

It was with pleasure that I received the latest addition to the Veritas miniature tool collection of planes to review. This bench plane measures 85mm in length and the sole is 20mm wide, and when held in the palm of the hand it certainly is tiny!

Great features

This miniature version of the small Veritas smoothing plane features a bubinga knob and main handle, which match the other tools in the range. The plane features a stainless steel, Norris-style adjuster and the instructions explain the setting. The A2 tool steel blade is ground at 25°; replacement blades are available, and the body is made from investment cast steel, which has been accurately machined and surface ground.

In summary

This plane is not a gimmick or toy – it is very sharp and works really well on small sections of wood. It will interest model makers in particular and possibly musical instrument makers. My only criticism is not of the tool but of the custom fitted box. The other boxes in this series are all light grey inside, which makes it easy to see which way the tool fits in, but for some reason this time the interior is black and I found it more difficult, but that is really a minor point. This tool is extremely well finished as one has come to expect from Veritas. It is a pleasure to handle and use and the size is fascinating. This tiny plane is expensive but extremely desirable and hard to resist!


Price: £44.39


RATING: 5 out of 5

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