BriMarc Veritas Mini Bench Plane

This miniature tool is a fully functional one third scale version of the Veritas Small Bevel-Up Smoothing Plane.

Overall, it measures 90mm (3.1/2") long and 20.5mm (13/16") wide. The A2 blade is 16mm (5/8") wide and 1.5mm (0.06") thick. The 25° bevel angle, together with the 13° bed angle, provides an effective cutting angle of 38°. A stainless-steel Norris-style adjuster lets you set the blade with micro precision.

This plane is easily capable of taking a fine shaving. The investment-cast stainless steel body has a fixed mouth, machined sides and a ground sole. The front knob and rear tote are bubinga. The plane weighs about 64g (2.1/4oz).

To complement this fine quality tool, it comes in a French-fitted embossed leatherette case.

It is currently priced at £34.96.

For more information please call 03332 406967 or...

You can also see the Brimarc Website for more information