Trend Ultimate Bench Stone Set

For all aspects of edge maintenance, the new DWS/KIT/E limited edition Diamond Sharpening Set from Trend will deal with the restoration, preparation and honing of chisels, plane irons, knives and other edge tools.

The kit comprises of two 203 x 75mm premium quality monocrystalline diamond double-sided stones offering 180, 300, 600 and 1000 grit options.

For badly damaged edges, the extra coarse stone has 180 grit on one side to quickly reshape and restore an edge and 600 grit on the other, making it ideal for site users who need to get fast sharp edges or restore a very blunt tool quickly and without fuss. The 180 grit will also prove useful for waterstone users looking to keep them flat.

For the finest of edges, the 1,000 grit stone is backed up with a 300 grit side, which is ideal for preparing new blades and tools before working the tools on the 1,000 grit for fine, razor-sharp edges.

For the ultimate edge, the kit also includes a leather strop and honing compound to take the edge to the next level - perfect for the finest joinery and cabinetry applications.

Completing this comprehensive kit is a 100ml bottle of Trend Lapping Fluid to ensure the stones achieve and maintain maximum performance along with a handy and informative printed guide giving you great tips and sharpening know-how from the experts.

This ultimate diamond bench stone kit is supplied in a sturdy alloy fitted storage case to keep everything close to hand and safely secured when not in use.

Only available whilst stocks last, the kit contains:

  • 1 x DWS/CP8/FC Bench stone
  • 1 x DWS/CP8/FX Bench stone
  • 1 x DWS/LF/100 Lapping fluid
  • 1 x DWS/HP/LS/A Leather strop
  • 1 x DWS/HP/100 Honing compound bar
  • 1 x BOOK/DWS booklet
  • 1 x alloy storage case

The DWS/KIT/E Diamond Sharpening Kit is priced at £234 inc VAT and is available from all Trend Routing Centres and Stockists across the UK.

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