Woofmizer LT70 Wide

Global sawmill manufacturer Wood-Mizer says the new LT70 Wide will fit the needs of UK millers who demand a high-production machine with the ability to cut big logs.

The LT70 is already popular with the company’s UK customers but an optional Wide head configuration will now appeal to a broader audience with its capacity to handle logs up to 105cm in diameter.

The maximum cut width is 86cm and the maximum cant width is 78cm.

In addition to the Wide head, the LT70 can be configured with non-belted blade wheels in order to run wide, 50mm blades. The blade wheels and 50mm blades can be ordered for either the regular head width or the Wide head.

“Wood-Mizer is always committed to providing timber processors with the best available products and features in the industry,” said Robert Baginski, President of Wood-Mizer Industries.

“The new LT70 Wide gives customers more capacity for sawing wider timber, while being able to achieve production results that are expected from more expensive wideband sawmills.”

The new products are available from Wood-Mizer UK and more information can be found at
the Wood-Mizer website