BriMarc Tools Two New Jet pillar drills

Two new pillar drills from Jet, especially designed for the woodworker, are now available as a bench top model and floor standing version.

The Jet JDP-15B bench mounted pillar drill and Jet JDP-15F floor standing pillar drill have many features in common. These include a generous 80mm of quill travel with one turn of the handle and an integrated depth stop for repeat accuracy of drilling depth. Efficient, Poly-V drive belts give smooth, vibration free running with maximum power transmission.

There is a one-handed, tool-free belt tensioning system which allows simple and easy speed changing. The ABS top belt guard is held magnetically and has an interlocking switch for safety.

The precision ground table easily tilts to 90° L and R, and also has an adjustment to ensure squareness to the chuck centre line. It is extra large and surface ground cast iron with ample clamping slots and a sacrificial insert. The table height is adjusted by a smooth rack and pinion system, with the control handle being canted away from the table for hand clearance.

The 0.55kW induction motor is firmly bolted to the headstock, avoiding flexing and vibration.

A bright, tiltable LED work light is recessed into the headstock casting, plus there is a cross hair laser system for centre finding.

A comprehensive depth stop system allows precision blind hole drilling which is accurate every time.

These machines have been designed to fully meet the demands of the woodworker, with ample work support, drilling depth and size capacities. Smooth running and with many unique features, these are hard working pillar drills, designed to perform.

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