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Triton’s NEW Plunge Track Saw - ahead on versatility & safety

The new TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw from Triton is a versatile, feature-packed tool with easy mode selection, fast set-up and advanced safety features.

triton_TTS1400_plunge saw

When fitted to a track, the TTS1400 performs long, smooth cuts right up to the edge of the workpiece - ideal for cutting doors and hardwood flooring.  Dual alignment cams fine tune the fit between the saw and track for exact cuts, and the guide rail track lock adds stability when bevel cutting.

In plunge mode, the selector barrel allows quick change between plunge, scribe or blade change, and cutting width indicators show the exact point at which the blade plunges into the wood.

Blade-changing is easy – the 60TCT blade is accessed through the guard without having to remove the cover, and for added safety, the power switch locks out during the blade-changing process.

The TTS1400 also features a universal adaptor and 360° outlet for efficient dust extraction, and a non-slip rubber over-moulded grip means the saw is easy to handle and control.

On or off the track, the new TTS1400 is a good choice for clean, accurate cuts through any type of wood. 

The Triton Plunge Track Saw is available now from all good stockists at a retail price of £246.44 inc. VAT. For more information, log on to or download our FREE App.