Triton's patented triple blade planing technology is designed for maximum material removal while creating a superior, smooth finish.

Triple blade design

Power planes usually feature a twin-bladed drum. Triton's patented three-blade drum design is carefully balanced to accommodate the additional blade.

Fast material removal

Because of the additional blade, Triton's TRPUL and TPL180 have 50% more cuts per minute, which results in faster stock removal from the workpiece.


Less wear

Since the additional blade is shouldering some of the work, it therefore reduces strain on the tool, which results in less wear on the motor, less wear on the blades and promotes longer tool and blade life.


Seriously smooth

The three blades on the drum generate a more precise, much smoother and finish finish – plane and simple...



All Triton planer blades are reversible and made from high quality steel. To ensure the cleanest finish on the planed surface, always change all three blades or reverse all three to the unused edge at the same time. Once the blades have been used on both sides of their service life, replacement blades are available at Triton stockists. 

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