Trend’s New Fully Guarded Mini CNC


Trend has launched its first fully guarded miniature CNC engraver machine that will create 2D and 3D engravings onto wood or plastic from photographic images or bmp files

This compact and portable desktop machine has a Xmm x Xmm footprint and is very simple to use. It is fully enclosed with a micro switch cut out making it ideal for use for education.

The Mini CNC comes complete with an easy to use software program called EDIT, which allows it to be operated by users of all ages. 


Engravings on wood or acrylic can easily be achieved from a digital photo as the software program can read jpeg, png, and bmp formats.

Using the optional ArtCam Express further projects can be carried out for example cutting out objects or designing signs.

Control of the machine is via the easy to use Brovo Prodigy software, movement can be controlled by the computer or by a gamepad like remote controller.

The Mini CNC uses 4mm shank solid carbide engaving cutters which will allow you to rout, mill, cut, shape and carve various materials. The working envelope is X220mm x Y160mm x Z63mm. These cutters are available for purchase separately and are priced from £14.95 excluding VAT.

The CNC/MINI/1 has been designed especially for beginners as its operation is very simple and straightforward. It is fully enclosed for safety and has a micro switch cut out, so it is ideal for teaching at school, hobbyists, DIY projects and small business use.

The CNC/MINI/1 is priced at £1499.00 excluding VAT .

For a copy of the MINI CNC brochure, or to request further information and details of your nearest Trend Routing Centre, please call 01923 249911 or visit their website at