The new Pro Pocket Hole Jig from Trend is the perfect solution for woodworkers looking to construct more diverse projects utilising materials from 12.7mm p to 38mm thick.

The impressive range of stock sizes allows you to work on a range of projects from face frames and carcass work through to furniture and joinery, each built with speed and ease, and without the need for complex jointing.

The all-metal constructed jig is designed for day in day out use and is ideal for professional and trade users, hobbyists and DIY woodworkers  for accurate consistent jointing in hardwood, softwood and sheet material projects.


Settings are easily adjusted to specific component size by lifting drill guide adjuster within its ‘T’ Slot slides, registering the height against the metric and imperial indicator markings that match the timber thickness. The setting is then held with high quality brass knobs, making setting up a breeze.

Matching the drilling depth to the stock size is easily achieved using the drop-in turret, rotating it to the correct position and locating the drill through one of the case hardened bushings and onto the turret, setting the depth with the collar. 

Workpieces are secured with the easily adjusted toggle clamp, and with a set of dual purpose support and length stops, longer pieces you can easily position your work safely and correctly in different orientations. 
There’s also the added bonus of being able to remove the drill guide assembly to use independently to the base frame for repair work or to place fixings in areas where the jig can’t be used.


For extra speed when drilling and driving if you only have one drilling machine available, both the drill and driver bit are hex shanked for quick release chucks such as the Trend Snappy Chuck.

The jig is also supplied in a quality zip up carry case for storage and transportation, plus a fully adjustable face frame clamp and a starter pack of 100 assorted screws so you can go straight to work on a project.

For more information, see your local Trend Stockist or click here to find your nearest dealer.