Trend keen to help hone sharpening skills


trend complete sharpening kit_ diamond sharpening


Sharpening tools yourself means businesses, tradesmen and hobbyists, who are always looking at ways of reducing costs and overheads, can prolong tooling life, improve efficiency and save money.

Designed by world renowned expert James Barry, who has more than 25 years experience in the diamond sharpening abrasive industry, the new Trend Complete Sharpening Kit offers solutions to sharpening techniques and problems. The kit allows anyone the ability to sharpen tooling in seconds with precision diamond whetstones and means no-one needs to be wary of in-house maintenance.

The Trend Complete Sharpening Kit comes complete with a double sided credit card sized stone, 3 inch taper file, 100ml lapping fluid, cleaning block, non-slip mat, instructional DVD and ‘Sharpening Made Easy’ booklet.

The sharpening stone uses a complex manufacturing procedure where electroplated Nickel locks the diamonds to the surface. This product will for last years if combined with our lapping fluid, which with its unique formula helps prolong the life of sharpening stones by preventing the clogging, rusting and subsequent lifting of diamond particles.

Trend are so confident of the sharpening stone and lapping fluid combination that they offer a 5 year guarantee with this easy to use, durable and versatile product.

You can now sharpen various tools including router and forstner bits, gouges, chisels and carbide inserts, with effective results every time.

The Trend Complete Sharpening Kit is priced at £59.99 and is available through your local Trend Routing Centre or Stockist.

For further information or to find your nearest Trend Routing Centre or Stockist, please call the Trend Sales Office on 01923 249911 or visit