Axminster Trade Series CT-50RCK Extractor


This wall mounted dust extractor is rather a neat concept and perfectly suited to small workshops, woodturners or for connecting to a stand-alone machine.

Well made and efficient, its 1hp motor generates 1,000m³/hr of airflow and is fitted with a 1 micron rated cartridge filter making it capable of handling chippings, course and medium fine dusts. It is ideal for situations where floor space is limited such as in many woodturning workshops.

The collection bag is clipped to the bottom of the filter. Larger bags can be fitted but the user will need to support it underneath on the floor as the weight of a full bag may pull it off the filter. The filter has a crank handle operating a paddle to keep the interior clean, which should be used periodically to maintain filter efficiency.

This quiet and efficient extractor could well be a handy solution for small workshops; it is important to make sure the wall is capable of supporting the extractor's weight.

Price: £319.96 inc vat valid until 31 December 2015.