Tormek T-4 Bushcraft

The Tormek T-4 Bushcraft now becomes a permanent sharpening machine in Tormek’s range and part of a long-term investment in the hunting and outdoor markets. The new concept “Prepare for nature” urges us to care for our tools as we care for nature. The package includes all the equipment needed to sharpen knives and axes to razor sharpness.
Tormek CEO Håkan Persson states “The high demand for the limited Tormek T-4 Bushcraft convinced us to continue offering a specially designed sharpening package for hunters and outdoor people. Sharpen your knives and axes is an important part of the preparations for hunting, fishing and hiking”.

With the Tormek T-4 Bushcraft you can sharpen a wide variety of hunting knives, outdoor knives and axes. The sharpening machine is supplied with the Tormek Original Grindstone and a genuine leather honing wheel. The package also includes jigs for sharpening knives and axes together with all the standard accessories: Stone Grader, AngleMaster, Honing Compound, Tormek Handbook and an instruction DVD on sharpening.

The Tormek way of sharpening gives the user complete control over the angle and shape of the edge. The method removes the minimum amount of material and thereby prolongs the life of the tools. Also, the water cooling prevents any loss of temper in the steel and leaves a longer lasting edge.

With over 45 years experience in sharpening, Tormek has a well proven method for sharpening edge tools. Today the company exports to over 30 countries world wide and the products are appreciated by woodturners, carpenters and woodworkers as well as professional chefs.

Tormek offers a range of jigs for various tools which can be purchased separately and used on the same system according to your needs. Chisels, drill bits, scissors and woodturning tools are examples of other tools that you can sharpen with the Tormek T-4 Bushcraft.

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