My Shed 
MyShed has arrived in London to help cash-strapped home improvers get the job done

UK, August 2018 – If you’ve ever priced up a new home improvement project and winced at the cost of both the materials and the tools – you’ll know that for both DIYers and tradespeople, it’s a costly business. But that’s changing – thanks to a pioneering new app called MyShed that aims to give UK DIY enthusiasts a way to complete their projects for a lot less.

MyShed connects people who have tools with those looking for cheap rental. So not only can tool owners earn cash to spend on their projects – short-term tool users can rent them at a fraction of the cost of buying or hiring from the high street, so their project is cheaper too.

Power drill lying in the garage? Make some cash out of it. Socket wrench set you got for Christmas and only used once? Use it to fund your next project. Wondering how to afford a rotary hammer you’ll only need for half an hour? Get your MyShed app out and borrow it from a neighbour for a small fee. It’s DIY for the tech age: cheaper… and easier.

But MyShed is about more than just saving money. It helps those who want to share the things they own – rather than buying more things, which are just going to lie unused. This ‘sharing economy’ reduces our environmental impact and goods production. And it helps you build connections with those in your local neighbourhood too. Good news for everyone.

MyShed user, Rory McAuley says, “I’ve found MyShed to be a great way to earn income from my tools when I’m not using them. The app is user-friendly and makes the whole process super-easy. Tool hire is pricey and I resent paying over the odds. This app means I can complete more projects than before because they cost less to do. It’s a win-win.”

MyShed launched in May and is live across the UK. “We’re really excited about how this will revolutionise DIY. Less storage, less hassle and all while saving and making money. It just makes sense,”, says founder Steven Attwood. “Why buy a tool when you can rent it from the person next door? This app connects you to those who can help you.”

MyShed is free to download on iOS – just put ‘MyShed’ into the AppStore. Then you’re just a few clicks away from hiring cheap and convenient DIY tools – or making cash out of your unused tool shed or garage contents! If you’re a tool owner, hire out your tools by creating your ‘Shed’ and name a price for the tools you’ve got for hire. If you’re looking for tool rental check out the ‘Sheds’ in your area and find tools to rent nearby.

So, if you’re envious of your neighbours getting their decking done before you, or revamping their kitchen while you’re still working out the budget for your project – the MyShed app could be your way to cash in on the DIY sharing economy…

For more details see the My Shed website