Titan SF8R bench-top bandsaw
The Titan is the cheapest machine on test. It has a steel body with a onepiece opening front door. The table is made from fairly rough alloy, and is supplied with a rip fence and a sliding plastic mitre fence.

The blade runs on a fairly small pair of alloy wheels, though it isnít a problem to make it track properly and also to apply a fair amount of tension.

The upper blade guard is alloy and steel, and is held in position with a locking knob mounted on the back of the upper casing.

Itís fi tted with a fairly basic set of guides; the two side guides are simply small diameter steel rods and thereís a roller thrust bearing. However, all are easily adjusted and offer enough support when narrow blades are fi tted. An identical set of guides is mounted underneath the table.

doors open blade guard
1] A one-piece door gives access to the works
2] The upper blade guard is alloy and steel...
The table itself can be tilted to 45į for bevel cutting, and a large Bristol locking handle is fi tted to secure it in position. The rip fence is fairly crude and clamps onto the table at both ends, with a cam lever, while the mitre fence slides in a groove on the right-hand side of the blade.

The blade supplied with the machine was so poor that it veered off line wildly and threatened to destroy itself. However, once replaced, the Titan runs well and cuts remarkably accurately

locking knob table
3] Öand is held in place with a locking knob
4] The table is made of fairly rough alloy, and the rip fence is crude

Facts & figures

Motor power: 350W
Table size: 300 x 300mm
Cutting depth: 85mm
Throat: 190mm
Weight: 17.6kg
Accessories supplied: Rip and mitre fences


This is a budget-priced
machine, so you canít
expect too much. Itís ideal
for the occasional user with
modest bandsawing needs.

Contact: Screwfix Direct
0500 414141

Performance 3/5
Value for money 4/5