Timbersource film daring parkour (free runner)

Timbersource, a timber supplier in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, has made a spectacular film with a renowned parkour athlete, to showcase its new ‘while you wait’ service for completing orders of wood.

“We wanted a marketing message that reflected the speed and flexibility of the new service we have launched – where a customer can come in, make an order and the process of completing that order immediately begins. The order is completed, whilst the customer is still at the yard,” said Stuart Kemp, MD of Timbersource. “Jacob Peregrine-Wheller, a well-respected parkour athlete and finalist in the TV show, Ninja Warrior UK, agreed to work with us on this incredible project, where he performs some breath-taking acrobatics as he runs through our timber yard, making use of the objects that are in his path for leaps and somersaults. It’s really impressive to see this kind of thing close up and in the film we’ve made.”

The parkour action was directed by film maker, Shayne House on Saturday 12 August at the Timbersource timber yard, which is approximately 1,650m2 in size with some additional small external areas. There was plenty of space and many obstacles for the athlete to interact with during the shoot, including a forklift truck, wood piles, trucks and staircases.

Timbersource are breaking new ground in the timber supply industry with their ‘order while you wait’ service and wanted to reflect the dynamic nature of their innovation with an exciting film that shows the speed of the process, in a fun way.

“We are always looking for new ways to improve our service for the customer and we love the idea of this free running video setting us apart as a disruptor and risk taker in what is a very traditional market sector that often goes at its own pace, rather than the pace of demand.”

The finished film is can be seen here https://www.timbersource.co.uk/parkour

Tom Vaughton, MD at Varn, the local digital marketing agency that helped organise the film, said: “We wanted a film that was unique and would, therefore, highlight how unique and quick the while you wait service Timbersource offers is. We had a lot of fun making it and had no accidents, although we did hold our breath many times!”

Timbersource film daring parkour (free runner)

For more information on their services, see the Timbersource website