Fancy a kitchen project? You have no excuse this month. For the workshop woodworker there is an exercise in simple joint making in playing the triangle where I show you how to turn three off cuts of wood into a useful trivet. It may look simple but it is not as easy as it looks – have a go and you will see. 

For the more ambitious Keith smith is building an oak kitchen unit to match an existing installation. Even if you are not intending to build a kitchen unit Keith’s article if full of techniques and problem solving woodworking that will apply to lots of woodworking projects. Elsewhere, Gordon Warr builds a traditional style toolbox for one of his sons similar to a box he built for himself years ago. This practical design has certainly passed the test of time and I may even make one for myself!

In the workshop
Mortisers are getting the once over and Ron Fox is getting to grips with the Spirals & downshear cutters. Ben Plewes is in the Kitchen again, this time he is cooking (see page 53) No, he is not competing with the Naked Chef, he is brewing up finishing oils for that special finish to the project – of coarse he may not live to finish it if his other half comes home unexpectedly!   

Chris Child is on an economy drive. He has put the massive chunks of exotic hardwood to one side and explains that working on small scale projects can be just as satisfying. Get the specs out and follow Chris as he takes a journey down the miniature turning trail.

He is at it again…
Yes, Alan Holtham has got his screwdriver out and is getting inside planers this month to see just what makes them tick, or not as the case may be. I take a look at the new Rage 3-DB mitre saw from Evolution.

This is just a taster of what you will find in the October issue of The Woodworker.