As the summer moves on it is an ideal time to get to grips with the garden projects. Following on from Keith Smith's lead last month, Alan Holtham has got the garden project bug and is in his workshop building a tall planter for the garden. Faced with a small budget, Alan makes the most of what he can find in the way of materials. 

Duncan Rose designs and builds a coffee table in ash. The table incorporates turned legs. Not owning a lathe did not compromise his design, he got Geoff Moss of the Suffolk Mid-Coastal Woodturners Club to make them for him. Square and round woodworkers working together. 

Starting in this issue Peter Dusmore is back with a new series explaining the techniques involved in Marquetry. In this first instalment Peter gets to grips with a picture made from a kit.

For the turners amongst you Ian Wilkie turns a set of tailor-made wine coasters and shows off an unusual inlay that is easy to apply and turn. You can also smile at my attempt to turn a spurtle...

In the workshop I take a look at some of the more unusual members of the bench plane family with a closer look at shoulder, rebate and fillister planes in the last in the current series of Understand... Meanwhile Keith Smith is still experimenting with Velcro attached sanding pads and gets an unusual commission.

Ben Plewes is starting a new series on finishing and he kicks off this month with a look at surface preparation using both traditional hand techniques and some powered options.

Now, if you really want to get to see what you are paying for, check out Alan Holtham's  radical approach to tool testing where he literally gets right inside the tools. Ever wondered what you get for your money when you spend £19.95 or £350 on a biscuit jointer? We show you!

You will find all this and more in the August edition of The woodworker. The original and still the best!