Here we are in the middle of the summer and it is the perfect time of year to get some of those outdoor jobs done. To this end, Keith smith is in the garden building raised beds and frames to cover them. In between times he has been back in his workshop building a compact mitre saw stand. 

Gordon Warr has built a very neat drop-leaf table showing you how to achieve the perfect rule joint and how to fit lopers - what are lopers? All is explained in Gordons clear and concise manner. Peter Nicholson gets to grips with some unusual techniques while building a CD cabinet adorned with Doric columns. Peter uses a combination of hand and power tools to build the project and draws on established techniques both modern and ancient to achieve his goal.  

In the workshop section of the magazine we start a new series looking at machines and jigs. This new series will take an in-depth look at setting up and using woodworking machines and power tools. A second, associated article will look at extending the machines use through jigs and accessories either workshop made or after-market accessories. Alan Holtham is making mistakes and showing you how to get out of trouble, while I am in my workshop sorting out what all those Japanese names for saws mean and 
what they are used for.

For the turners, Bob Chapman is finishing of his bowl by giving it a traditional fumed finish using ammonia. Alan Holtham has got a new tool in his workshop. The only trouble is it looks like a microwave cooker. Well, you now what they say; if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck there is a pretty good chance it is a duck! What's he up to? You will have to turn to page 64 to see just what is cooking.

In the test section Ron Fox is giving the new Makita 1/2 inch routers the once over. These routers will be replacing the much respected 3612s - will they live up to their predecessors reputation? 

This is just a taster of what you will find in the July edition of The Woodworker.

All this and plenty more for you to read and do in the original and best woodworking magazine - on sale NOW!