You will find an expanded news section this month. In two sections we will include other items that may well be of interest to you. Over the fence is a place where we will slot in little snippets of interest that are woodwork related, that we hear on the woodwork grapevine or you the readers send in to us. Anything goes here from hints and tips and readers questions to interesting photographs or unusual purchases. Our other new section is called Out and about. This is letting you know what the editorial team have been up to, between hours of key-bashing, putting together your favourite magazine. This month Ben and I have been out buying hardwood shorts - lots of them! 

Look out for Mark Cass on the cover of this issue. He's building a traditional hop-up for the workshop and proving that you can be upwardly mobile and a woodworker.

Duncan Rose is back in the workshop building a smart pair of book shelves that will stand together as one or they can be split and make a matching pair. American ash is used throughout including the back panel as the back will be visible in its intended location. Elsewhere Ian Wilkie is in his workshop making a six-sided mirror. 

Meanwhile in the workshop section, Hand vs Machine is revisiting the mortise and tenon, this time with an emphasis on cutting the mortise. In the hand section we use a sweep-brace and auger bit - a very satisfying way to work. Add a motor and a bit of noise and you can have some fun with one of the many readily available small mortisers. Ron Fox is on the last lap of his router basics series and shows you how to make a very useful jig.

Alan Holtham is in the process of getting his new turning workshop organised by finding a home for everything, solving the storage problems and keeping an eye on the safety issues. Chris Child continues his turning course for beginners and re-starters, (like me!) with a look at some of the other turning tools while completing a simple candlestick project. A turned gavel and block of unusual design get Gordon Warr making shavings of walnut and beech. 

Andy standing is up to his armpits in mid-range routers while Ron Fox is testing the Makita P-66226 router table, to keep router fans abreast of the latest developments. In between talking yours truly into transporting a couple of tons of timber around, Ben has been hiding away in his basement workshop testing a range of tools that grind, sand, squeeze or shave - whats he been doing?  You will have to buy the magazine to discover.

All this and plenty more. On sale 20th March 2009

Happy woodworking!