The Woodworker cover mage for February 2015Welcome

New technology is great, isn’t it? At least while it’s all working as intended, that is. The minute it starts to play up it’s a very different picture indeed… Now, the lucky ones amongst us will have a small child or a random surly teenager knocking about the place. If this is the case, then all is fine and your problems will soon be resolved. I love their fearlessness and seemingly natural intuition to fix almost anything.

For a lot of us though, and I count myself among this number, when things go wrong they really go wrong, and they rarely go right *pause* for me (as the song has it). If there’s a way of avoiding the feeling of helplessness that comes with facing a blank screen or encountering the wrong type of connector plug, then we should all be taking it.

Headache free
I think the almost complete lack of unsolvable problems posed by the average woodworker’s kit and tools goes a long way to underlining its continuing popularity. A person in their own workshop is master or mistress of their own domain, and, as I’m sure you all know, that’s a very good feeling indeed. There should be little in our woodworking environments
which give us headaches. There’s nearly always a straightforward solution, often as simple as tweaking an adjustment screw, fitting a new blade or just squirting some oil about the place.

New tricks, new dogs
Yesterday a couple of my college students were fixing up some old hand tools they’d acquired through various means. Despite their lack of basic practical knowledge – sadly the norm with many young people these days – they responded to suggestions with a heart-warming show of vigour and enthusiasm. It was an absolute pleasure to show them various tricks and techniques to repair and improve their kit, and a delight to see their responses when everything worked out as intended. Repairing things is always a very satisfying achievement, whether out of necessity or just because you can. And if it’s something that was heading for the skip – like most of my computer equipment – well, that’s even better.