the woodworker cover image for April 2014Despite external distractions like economics and the weather, we like to remain upbeat here at The Woodworker, and hope that every page reflects the pleasure and joy that can be gleaned from the craft of woodworking itself and making things generally. Although we continue with our enforced regimen of belt tightening here at our palatial premises (I've had my car downgraded to a family saloon, and my driver is no longer on 24 hr standby!), we hope that the quality of the woodworking content will remain unaffected. 

Forever feedback
It's great getting your feedback on the mag - and please keep on sending those emails and letters - as it all helps us to give you the reader what you want. My hope is that every article, even if it might not be to everyone's taste (and let's face it, you can't please all the people all of the time), will contain ideas enough to either inspire or in some way guide the majority of woodworkers out there. In sheds and workshops across land and sea, we're all doing what we can to improve our immediate environments and to bring timber related pleasure and ease to friends and family. And there's always the chance that, for a particularly well-crafted item, the benefits will be enjoyed by generations yet unborn; it's probably the closest to immortality that most of us will achieve.

Measure twice
Change, as we all know is both inevitable and (eventually) beneficial, but we can still keep enough things the same if we need to, especially in the world of woodwork. By a curious coincidence we're featuring a number of items with measurement system related content in this issue, so here I am stoking the fire of controversy by adding a bit more. If you're working by yourself, particularly in a home workshop situation, there's nothing to stop you from using Imperial measurements exclusively. I even know one chap - Bob Dunstan - who invented his own system, 'Bob's Rule' (, but that's quite an extreme length to go to to achieve workshop sanity in my opinion.