The Woodworker cover image for January 2014Lookout! It's the January issue already!

In this month's Woodworker we've got some great last minute gift ideas to make, and a load of affordable kit to gen up on. If you're feeling peckish you can turn your pizza into a production and learn how to slice it up into perfect portions with our great serving board.

And, if you've ever thought about making something from a plans kit, now's your chance to see what's involved as we follow a build of a model of a classic 1930s Ford roadster.

As well as the usual tips and techniques, we continue to look to the future as the editor investigates a new 'man-made' timber, and a young designer packs up his desk and chair into a slim case and walks away. 

There's some great turning too as Bob Chapman presents a circular variation of a recent archive technique. And if you're just starting out, you'll want to read part 3 of our Turning for Beginners series.

See the New Year in with loads of Woodworker new ideas and inspirations to keep you in the workshop. Plus! News of a new timber you won't have even seen before! It's new - don't miss it!

On sale 13 December 2013