The Olympic Games are over, and the weather gods that smiled on early August seem to sulking again in time for the final Test Match of the summer. But don’t despair: we have plenty of goodies in store this month to make returning to the workshop a positive pleasure. Let’s start as usual with a look at this month’s crop of projects…

• Comfort zone – Kerry Donovan crafts a highly unusual curvy reclining chair with an ash frame and a removable cushion. We could have done with this during the Olympics!

• Three-way split – Alan Holtham takes some ash and purpleheart leftovers and creates an interwoven screen that can divide a room, improve privacy or hide an untidy corner

• Sounding off – Paul Bodiam presents the third part of his series on building a tenor ukulele. This month he’s making the instrument’s back and soundboard, and fitting the struts and braces that strengthen them internally

• Location location – Gordon Warr makes a glass-topped occasional table that he’s designed to display a local Ordnance Survey map. It could equally well house photographs, a poster or your family tree

In our Workshop section Andy King, the technical editor of Good Woodworking magazine, continues his journey through the basics of woodworking practice by describing how to make sure your projects fit together perfectly. Andy Standing explains the various techniques you need to take your work off the straight and narrow, while Peter Bishop returns to the subject of ledged-and-braced doors, two years after we featured a shed door on the front cover with the braces running in the wrong direction. We’ve got it right this time! And talking of doors, Keith Smith describes the design and construction of the biggest door he’s ever tackled. He’s glad he didn’t have to hang it…

Our turning section once again has some projects with a difference for you this month. Bob Chapman fulfils an unusual challenge as he creates a unique trophy for a local writer’s circle featuring an oak inkwell and quill pen. Colin Simpson starts out to make a multi-centred bowl, but ends up with something completely different. We’ve dubbed in the ammonite plaque! Finally, Peter Bishop wrestles with some unseasoned fruitwood as he tries to create a bowl for a wedding present.

Finally, our regular test section has reviews this month of the following tools and equipment:
• Makita JV100D cordless jigsaw
• Intelligent Workshop and Qwas bench dogs
• Osmo oil finishes
• Hammer A3-41 planer thicknesser
• Numatic NSP 180A vacuum cleaner

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