Autumn is in the air as we go to press this month. The cricket season has just come to an end, the spiders are moving back into the shed and the evenings are drawing in. But that’s all the more reason to creosote the fence, put the garden to bed, and start to plan some woodworking projects to while away the spare time you’ll now have on your hands. We have plenty of ideas for you…
• Stand and deliver – Keith Smith describes how he decided to make his latest commission for a slender hall table almost entirely without the help of power tools and machinery, and to do it against the clock. He was amazed at the outcome!
• Just for show – Peter Dunsmore takes a quantity of English oak and fashions it into a stylish display cabinet with glazed doors and sides. It’s the perfect setting for a collection of glass, china or anything else you want to exhibit
• Figure of eight – Peter Bishop revisits a design for a small octagonal table which he created a few years ago as a retirement gift. It’s based on an original by Robert Thompson, the Mouseman of Kilburn, whose pieces always featured a small signature mouse somewhere on the work
• Neat and tidy – Gordon Warr presents a neat solution to the bathroom storage problem with a stylish unit that combines shelving, cupboard and drawer space. It’s created from ready-made pine panels, and features unusual doors with stiles but no rails, glazed in clear shatterproof polystyrene sheet for safety
In the Workshop section, Andy Standing presents the latest part in his series on setting up workshop machinery. This month he takes on the planer thicknesser, a twin-function machine that he says will transform your woodworking ways. Alan Holtham extols the virtues of the Trend DC400 dovetailing centre, while Keith Smith shows you how to create perfect long-edge mitre joints with an ingenious cutter you can use in the router, or in a spindle moulder if you have one. Vere Shannon passes on some tips for making the most of limited workshop space, and Andy Standing describes an ingenious jig for cutting perfect circles on the bandsaw.
Move on to the woodturning section in the centre of the magazine, and you’ll find three unusual challenges. The first is to make a box with a triangular cross-section, a process that Colin Simpson says is a welcome change from turning endless round objects! Ian Wilkie explains how to turn wet wood, and presents a design for a rustic goblet with the slenderest of stems. Alan Holtham rounds off the section with an unusual clothes stand designed for use in the nursery, but which could be stretched to make a traditional hallway feature.
Our regular test section kicks off with an exclusive report on the new Bosch GOF 1600CE twin-base router. Alan Holtham has obtained the only sample in the UK for us, and describes it as the benchmark to which all other mid-power routers should aspire.
We also have reports on the following tools and equipment:
• Triton TA 1200BS belt sander
• Makita BVC340Z cordless dust extractor
• GMC MS018 laminate flooring saw
• Trend tool & bit cleaner
• Axminster United clamp cutting guide
Lastly, we have an unusual competition for you this month – the chance to win a free one-day or two-day course in woodturning, wood carving or routing at the Axminster Skill Centre, and to write about your experience for the magazine.
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