Join us as we move into spring and bring you our brand-new March issue, which is definitely brimming with all manner of inspiring content, a varied range of projects for you to make, as well as some top notch features and tests.

 Jolien Brebels shows you how to make your very own Volkswagen camper van in miniature
 Jolien Brebels shows you how to make your very own Volkswagen camper van in miniature

As usual, our projects section is varied and aims to cater to many different woodworkers and woodturners, regardless of skill level. First up we have our new author Martin Saban-Smith showing how to make a spinning top arena complete with spinning tops. Also this month’s cover star, this simple-to-turn offering will allow you to test your creative possibilities. Next, Martin Pim-Keirle shares a design for making a dust extraction box that can be hooked up to your dust extractor or vacuum cleaner; Jolien Brebels’ fun project recreates a Volkswagen camper van in miniature, complete with all the added extras; spring is on its way, and in Dave Roberts’ workshop everything is coming up, well, tulip-shaped; Phil Davy’s simple tit and sparrow boxes are win-win all round: the birds will love them and they are very easy to construct; and last but not least, drawing on the lessons he learnt while working with Nick Agar, Les Thorne uses pieces of masking tape to create an interesting effect on a hollow vessel.

A view inside Nick Hannanís relatively low-tech workshop
A view inside Nick Hannan’s relatively low-tech workshop

In our technical section, moving on through the Es to our Fs, Peter Bishop covers a range of defects, moisture-related stuff, some tools and measurements – an eclectic mix as per usual! And in his next ‘home truths’, Edward Hopkins meets eccentric furniture maker Nick Hannan.

Shane Green with carvings he made for a wooden sculpture trail for a National Trust site near Ripon

As another issue hits the shelves, with it comes a whole host of great new features for you to get your teeth into, starting with Chippendale School Principal Tom Fraser looking at where tradition meets technology when it comes to furniture making; also, Jeremy Broun explores the nature of woodworking skill and the evolution of tools as we bring you details of the upcoming Alan Peters Furniture Award 2020 - so don’t forget to get your entries in; next, continuing with his tale of selling items on local open markets, Gareth Jones describes what happened next; in ‘archive’, Robin Gates marvels at a table-top machine for turning wood in the October 1924 issue of The Woodworker; also, 62-year-old furniture maker Peter Sings gives Rick Wheaton a sneak peek inside his Devon workshop; next, Paul Greer discovers the history of chainsaw sculpting (or carving) and how it was introduced to Britain in the late 1960s; and in ‘end-grain’, Edward Hopkins gets personal.

Martin Saban-Smith doesn’t do a lot of spindle turning, so only experimented a little with the higher end of the NOVA Saturn’s speed range

In our ‘on test’ section we have some absolute belters for you, including an exclusive on the NOVA Saturn DVR XP lathe by Martin Saban-Smith. Commenting that this would definitely be a lathe he’d be happy to have in his workshop, Martin admits it would be better suited to the tech-savvy turner, but overall it’s a good looking, capable lathe with excellent power output. Next, Phil Davy puts the SKIL 3460 CA cordless reciprocating saw through its paces and describes it as an ideal tool for a wide variety of sawing applications, before he gets to grips with the Triton AutoJaws™ clamps range, Trend Fast Track Mk2 sharpener and FirstLightWorks English Curve. Yes, we certainly have a varied selection for you, so if you’re in the market for some new kit, we’ve got it pretty well covered!

As usual, we have a great competition for you, and this month we’ve teamed up with Triton Tools to give away a set of the same AutoJaws™ clamps tested by Phil Davy. The range of four cover all face and bench/drill work, and supplied in a range of sizes, they’re bound to make a variety of workshop tasks much easier for you. See inside the issue for full details on how to enter - good luck!

As well as all this, you can also expect to find your usual favourite pages, including news and courses, welcome, marketplace, next month, letters and readers’ tips, plus much more! Don’t forget to keep sending in your top tips as we have a fantastic Veritas apron plane with PM-V11 blade up for grabs each month, and it could very well be yours!

We hope you enjoy the March 2020 issue of The Woodworker & Good Woodworking, which is now on sale!


Tegan Foley, Editor

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