In our fantastic February issue, join us as we present a whole host of inspirational projects, with a smattering of technical content, a variety of features and some exciting new woodworking kit in our ‘on test’ section.

Dave Robertsí turned Japanese box
Dave Roberts’ turned Japanese box

For our projects this month, Robert Couldwell starts this off by making an amateur medicine cabinet in oak to provide storage in a new en-suite shower room; before Martin Pim-Keirle shares the entire process of making a wooden block plane from scratch - from start to joyous finish; next, Dave Roberts turns a box in the Japanese style; Phil Davy transforms a handy cubby space into functional alcove shelving; Les Thorne makes features of splits in a gorgeous piece of ash and creates a wonderful lidded box; and last but not least, Rick Wheaton presents a door stop idea that makes use of offcuts and a few other staple supplies.

Robin Gates cutting a short chamfer in ash
Robin Gates cutting a short chamfer in ash

If learning techniques is more your thing, why not have a look at Robin Gates’ latest offering, as he resurrects a pioneering rabbet plane, extreme chisels and a pad handle with umpteen interchangeable blades; and if you’re following Peter Bishop’s ongoing ‘woodworker’s encyclopaedia’ series, join him as he continues on through the Ds with dressing, dripping and dropping, through to the Es with a load of eaves, edging and bendy stuff.

Furniture maker Aidan Donovan, who is profiled in this issue by Martin Pim-Keirle
Furniture maker Aidan Donovan, who is profiled in this issue by Martin Pim-Keirle

We also have some fantastic features in store for you, including the latest helping in our ‘Archive’ series, which features a monk’s bench from the March 1929 issue of The Woodworker, prompting Robin Gates to consider a combined tool chest, workbench and seat; next, in a dedicated article, we take a closer look at the winning portfolio of entries from the recently held and judged Wood Awards 2019; in ‘modern woodworking’ Tom Fraser asks if Scotland is the place for woodworking; in ‘me and my workshop,’ Rick Wheaton meets retired woodworker and Chairman of the Mid Devon Crafts Guild, Dave Bowden; before Martin Pim-Keirle discovers more about furniture maker Aidan Donovan, whose subtle and sensitive approach to the craft has helped him to carve out his own unique niche; in his ‘joinery tales’, Gareth Jones’ life is set to take a whole new, exciting direction; and in ‘end-grain’, Edward Hopkins’ latest move forces him to downsize his workshop. 

The Mirka DEOS Delta 663CV corner sanderís triangular shape base pad with 3mm orbit pattern
The Mirka DEOS Delta 663CV corner sander’s triangular shape base pad with 3mm orbit pattern

Moving on to our jam-packed ‘on test’ section, we have some fantastic kit for you this month, starting with John Lloyd’s review of the PantoRouter Pro, which, as he explains, is capable of cutting endless custom joints and templates. However, he suggests that it may be better suited to the machine-based woodworking enthusiast with an engineering brain due to its high price tag. Next, we have Jamie Smith putting the new Mirka DEOS Delta 663CV corner sander through its paces, which is perfect for sanding awkward and hard-to-reach corners. Undoubtedly a top performer in its class, Jamie says he will be sad to see his test model returned! And last on the bench is the Roamwild Multi-Pullsaw Pro (also this month’s competition prize), which Phil Davy describes as a “handy DIY Japanese saw for the toolbox, rather than the workshop.” It can cut a range of materials and also features handy replaceable blades.

As mentioned above, we also have a fantastic competition for you in conjunction with Roamwild, who are giving away five of their Multi-Pullsaw Pros - worth £23.99 each! Developed and designed by an ex-Dyson engineer, this saw aims to revolutionise the way you use hand saws, so good luck to those who enter. As well as all this, you can also expect to find your usual favourite pages, including news and courses, welcome, marketplace, next month, letters and readers’ tips, plus much more!

We hope you enjoy the February 2020 issue of The Woodworker & Good Woodworking, which is now on sale!


Tegan Foley, Editor

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