Our special Summer issue is here and as usual, it's packed full of a wide variety of projects, technical guides, inspirational features, as well as all the latest kit and tools, which we've tested just for you. 


First up in our projects and turning section is part 2 of Shaun Newman's Baroque guitar build, which sees him describing how the delicate inner ‘parchment rose’ is made and put into place; next, faced with the dilemma of having to change his woodturning business model due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Andrew Hall decides to go digital and start streaming his own paid-for demonstrations; join Tim Molderez as he finishes his Japanese blanket chest build; Peter Dunsmore employs a few modern techniques to recreate a disappearing money box puzzle from the June 1951 edition of The Woodworker; Les Thorne gets artistic as he turns a curly top box with some added decorative details; Phil Davy builds a planter sturdy enough for nine heavy plants and foldable for storage; Zac Matchett-Smith’s live-edge coffee table features a fun, pixellated pattern, which is achieved using contrasting pieces of walnut and maple; and last but not least, Alan Turner shows you how to build a small version of the traditional pole-lathe, which can even be used in a city garden.


In terms of techniques, we bring you an expert guide from Dremel, which details tips on improving your sanding skills while ensuring a smooth finish on your workpiece, before Peter Bishop’s timber odyssey continues – we can check your girt, see how sticky it is, go upstairs and decide which might be the best grain for you to use.


Here at the magazine, we love a feature and we've got some fantastic ones in store for you this month, starting with a special archive offering from Robin Gates, which looks at graining from the August 1950 issue; next, in conjunction with Axminster Tools and Machinery, we bring you the story of a one-tenth scale model of the Mayflower, which is due to be ready for commemorative events in Dartmouth this summer; Paul Greer explores the history of tennis rackets through the ages, from wooden antiques to modern alternatives; woodcarver Johnathon Whittaker tells us the story of his hand-carved wooden plaques, which he has been donating to hospitals during the Coronavirus pandemic; Jeremy Broun shares his thoughts on surviving and thriving during woodworking lockdown; also this month's cover star, Marc Fish's Ethereal Lounge Chair really does stand in a class of its own; Chippendale International School of Furniture Principal Tom Fraser talks us through some of the steps they've been taking during the lockdown period; and in 'Take 5', we aim to brighten your spirits with more examples of wonderful woodworking from Instagram. 


On test this month, Jamie Smith looks at the Festool mobile saw table and workbench STM 1800, which presents a professional solution for machining large panels, and from our archive, we look at three nailguns from DeWalt, all of which benefit from exceptional ease of alignment as well as positioning and firing.

In addition to all of the above, you can also also expect to find your usual favourite pages, including news and courses, welcome, marketplace, next month, letters and readers’ tips, plus much more! Don’t forget to keep sending in your top workshop tips as we have a fantastic Veritas apron plane with PM-V11 blade up for grabs each month, and if you haven't done so already, get working on your entry for the Alan Peters Furniture Award, as there's some fantastic prizes available as well as extra time to be making! Pick up your copy of our Summer issue today, or why not subscribe?  


Tegan Foley, Editor

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