The new Jet DC-2300 Extractor is now available!


jet DC 2300 extractor


The Jet DC-2300 is a twin bag chip and coarse dust extractor, suitable for many machines in the workshop.

It can be connected to up to three smaller machines via its three 100mm connectors. The manufacturer recommends connecting it to a simple 125mm metal duct system.

An alloy bodied motor drives a high efficiency impellor fan; the air flowing into the bags is via metal tubes, again creating efficient airflow. Plastic waste sacks are used which are easy to replace and held in place with quick release metal straps. Large polyester air filters are fitted; these can be replaced with two cartridge filters which upgrade the filtration capability of the machine to be able to handle sanding machines.

The base has castors for easy mobility around the workshop. It is fitted with a 13A plug, but in some cases it may need a 16A supply. Plastic 785 x 1,200mm waste sacks are available in packs of 10. Please note that the hose is not supplied. This machine has a Performance Rating 1.

Code: 508252 Price: £419.95 inc vat

Price is valid until 31st December 2014.