Trend, Jigsaw Blades

Trend introduces a new range of Professional Jigsaw Blades for general woodworking applications. These high quality blades are used to cut straight and curved cut in natural and man-made timber and plastic. Five blades are available including cross ground, tapered or milled and set, depending on material and application and have the universal T-shank bayonet fitting. The blades are made from high-alloyed Chrome-Vanadium Steel, which is perfect for use on softer materials. The range includes blades than can cut material from 4mm to 60mm thicknesses, with tooth pitch from 2.0mm to 4.5mm for fine finish or faster coarse cuts. The blades are sold in packs of five.

Trend’s Head of Marketing, Luke Hulley adds, “Trend have launched a range of Jigsaw blades that can be used for general woodworking applications. We are proud to introduce this range of Jigsaw blades which add to Trends established range of woodworking essential products”

The five pack prices range from £4.99 to £10.99 + VAT.

The blades are available from all Trend Routing Centres.

To find out more about Trends new Jigsaw blades please visit Trend’s website