Oh dear, we’re bound to get into trouble for this one from some quarters. Yes, we know chainsaws are inherently lethal, but in the right, trained, hands, they can be used to create very striking sculptures, as we fearlessly show you in GW292.


chainsaw carving_chris bain

Chris Bain in total control of his chainsaw to create works of art


In this issue we’ve got Edward Hopkins, another man who puts common sense on the top of his dos and don’ts list, constructing virtually bomb-proof barn-style garage doors,


garage door construction_edward hopkins

Garage doors built for security


Also self-styled bodger Tony Scott making a pan stand, Dave Roberts upcycling to create a quirky CD storage unit and Les Thorne turning a nut bowl and hammer.


nut bowl and hammer_les thorne

Nut bowl and hammer


And we’ve got confirmation from three experts that Shane Skelton’s amazing dovetail saw is sheer perfection.


skelton dovetail saw

Find out why this dovetail saw is “fantastic” 


Not to be missed issue 292 of Good Woodworking on sale 24th April 2015

Andrea Hargreaves, Editor