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It’s the most versatile of hand tools, but one of the most overlooked – get to grips with the multi-plane via Andy King

Feeling flexible
Think outside the box by using flexi-ply to create curves in your furniture

Country gate: Iain Whittington presents several variations on a classic outdoors project
Beech boy: Unfolding like a butterfly from a chrysalis, Alan Willey’s drop-leaf table is full of personality

Using flexible boards will help you to avoid straight lines in your furniture designs – we guide you through building a former and creating curves

Working with colour – Dave Roberts concocts various natural recipes to enhance your woodwork

Copy that, sir – Les Thorne shows you how to turn identical pieces for legs, candlesticks, balusters…

Swill power 
Owen Jones’ oak baskets are keeping this traditional craft alive

The cabinetmaker is born
Phil Whitfeld’s English furniture history continues with the rise of the most sophisticated of woodworking disciplines

Bosch Clean Hinge cutter
Bosch GKS 190 jigsaw
SIP Ultimate Saw
Charnwood W650 table saw
Veritas rabbet plane
Test of time: Apron planes
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