The Alan Peters Award 2015


The Alan Peters Award commemorates a man dedicated to bespoke furniture and highly respected by all within the industry.  Alan started his career as an apprentice under the renowned Edward Barnsley in 1949, Alan Peters OBE was also a great teacher, always keen to share and encourage.  It is only fitting therefore that this award for students and emerging talents bears his name and respects his philosophy of excellence in every aspect of design and craftsmanship from timber selection to appropriate design.

The award is designed to encourage and promote emerging young talent within the bespoke furniture industry. It gives up to three new designer-makers the opportunity to win free exhibition space for their entry at Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design. This allows winners to exhibit and network with established and highly regarded professionals within a selling environment, gaining valuable experience and exposure to a very discerning and knowledgeable audience.

This year’s marks the 5th anniversary of the Alan Peters Award for Excellence.  Over the years it has grown and nurtured the early careers of some fantastic young craftsmen and women that have talent, passion and drive in abundance. They have produced many notable pieces and it is not surprising that they have been popular both with visitors and buyers when they have been exhibited at Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design each year.

2015 is no exception and this year’s winners will not disappoint.  The judges saw a diverse range of entries that demonstrated various skills and an eclectic mix of design styles making it tough to directly compare one entry to the next.  However, ultimately Alan Peters’ passion for craftsmanship, understanding ones materials and design helped them to form their decision.

With grateful thanks to Wood Workers Workshop who have agreed to present each of the winners with £100 of tools from their hand-picked and tested range.


2015 Winners


Charles Byron Log Satck CabinetCharles Byron Log Satck Cabinet









Charles Byron – ‘Log Stack' Cabinet

(Williams & Cleal Furniture School)

What the judges said: 

“An absolutely stunning piece that one could imagine Alan stroking and studying with great interest.  Bold yet understated.  He only had sections of veneer to work with, so did very well to match up the annual rings and give the impression of a single leaf with shakes in it. Good attention to detail as he even veneered the inside of the back panel with the end grain veneer.”



Sam Carter overarching console tableSam Carter overarching console table









Sam Carter Bespoke Furniture ‘Overarching II’

(Peter Sefton Furniture School)

What the judges said: 

“A somewhat familiar looking design concept but one that is sophisticated and adds noticeable innovation with immaculate execution.  We loved the subtlety of the sycamore drawer pulls and feet which have been well thought through.  It is such a mixture of curves and angles that it makes each joint so complicated to get right.  A crisp piece for the connoisseur.”



 Avian Evans-White – ‘Revolve’ Bedside Tables Avian Evans-White – ‘Revolve’ Bedside Tables










Avian Evans-White – ‘Revolve’ Bedside Tables

(Rycotewood Furniture Centre)

What the judges said: 

“The excellence of these elegant bedside tables lies in their subtlety.  They are not the most innovative in their aesthetic design but are beautifully crafted with a deceptive amount of work and skill required.  The judges liked the pivoting drawers and felt that the design deserved recognition despite their modesty.  They can and will be a treasured and appreciated addition to somebodies home.”