Slow Turning / Saturday 11th July  - Saturday 22nd August 2015


The Slow Turning exhibition at the Bluecoat Display Centre will feature leading artists working in wood, willow and natural fibres.

Many of the artists featured employ traditional wood turning techniques which are pushed to the limits to produce sculptural, contemporary vessels and forms. All talk about their love of wood and natural forms.


slow turning exhibition _anthony bryant

Anthony Bryant is internationally recognised for his unsurpassed work in ‘green’ woodturning. He creates work which stretches the potential of the material to its furthest limits – both in scale and in his unrivalled ability to turn to an absolutely breathtaking thinness.


slow turning exhibition_eleanor lakelin

Eleanor Lakelin uses traditional turning and carving techniques with lathes & chisels, to create vessels and sculptural forms in wood that are contemporary in shape and feel.


slow turning exhibition_pascal oudet

Pascal Oudet is a French woodturner, working near Grenoble, France, who has developed a signature style turning very thin pieces and sandblasting them to transparency, creating a delicate lace effect.


slow turning exhibition_martin and dowling

Malcolm Martin and Gaynor Dowling make sculpture in wood, from half-ton monumental forms for a secret garden, to vessels sewn together from sections of veneer or thin plywood.

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