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Prepare your home and garden with the new

Silverline Spring/Summer 2014 catalogue


Silverline’s new Spring/Summer catalogue includes a fantastic choice of hand and power tools to help create the perfect home and garden this year.

The new Somerset Premium Ash Collection comprises a choice of traditionally-designed gardening tools, which are comfortable to grip, easy to use, and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The Heavy Duty Garden Sack is ideal for tidying up outdoors and this handy product was awarded Best Garden Product by British Hardware Federation.

Treat and protect outdoor woodwork with one of the Silverstorm powered spray systems such as the Silverstorm 500W HVLP Paint Sprayer. Protect guttering and gardens from leaves and other debris using easy-to-install gutter mesh, blower/vacuums and shredder.



And for all kinds of DIY job around the house and garden, the new 12V and 18V power drills in the Silverline and Silverstorm power tool ranges are designed to suit all requirements and budgets. 

For keen cyclists, the Silverline Chain & Gear Cleaning Set is used by World Champions GT Factory Racing; and don’t forget to include the Expert Multi Tool - chosen as Best Budget Buy 2013 by Practical Boat Owner magazine - for all those little jobs while out and about.

Whether you’re a home owner, gardener, hobbyist or cyclist, Silverline has it covered with over 5,000 hand and power tools - all at fantastic prices.

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