In 2020, as it was our 35th anniversary year, we took the opportunity to develop and refine a new brand identity for the Guild and reward our hard-working members in difficult times with a new look and a dedicated website

An independent not-for-profit member organisation, the FFG promotes the work of qualified makers who have successfully completed our School’s renowned Professional Furniture Making Course. We are delighted to be getting the word out about our alumni!

The Guild is composed of capable makers who have undertaken extensive training in furniture design, cabinetmaking and restoration skills, and many of whom have since gone on to set up their own businesses. 


A hotbed of woodworking talent

Each FFG member has studied traditional woodworking techniques and modern making methods during our intensive nine-month learning programme, before creating fine furniture pieces as unique as their fingerprint. As such, the Guild represents a hotbed of woodworking talent.
But our students’ stories do not end upon graduation from the Professional Course. In fact, for many, studying at the Chippendale School marks the beginning of a lifelong adventure into woodworking and furniture making. We are passionate about nurturing creativity and talent and helping individuals find their design language and make their mark from the outset.
When the course ends, we ensure that we can continue to provide support to help each student as they take their first steps as professional fine furniture makers. 
Myreside Studios, our on-site incubation hub, provides an environment for those wishing to remain on campus while setting up a business for themselves. Here, they can make use of all our equipment and machinery as well as ask our resident experts and tutors for advice and practical tips. It greatly reduces the overheads of setting up their own workshops as well as providing them with a supportive community in which to grow and develop. 


A global network of talented cabinetmakers

We hope that over time, the FFG website will serve as a launchpad for Chippendale School alumni and FFG members, helping to shine a light on the work of our skilled makers based here in the UK and around the world. It is our aim that the Makers’ Directory will make it easier for those interested in commissioning high quality fine furniture to locate and connect with makers who have completed our leading furniture making course. 
The FFG reflects a global network of talented cabinetmakers, who have been shaped by their time and experiences at the School and we hope it will support them as they grow their fine furniture businesses over time and transform from student to fully-fledged craftsperson. Visit the Fine Furniture Guild website by clicking here.