With sauter's Vario-Bench multifunctional table system, the woodworking workshop has an intelligent worktop with a wide range of applications and the possibility of sawing at any angle, accurate to the degree.

A multi-functional workbench for clamping, gluing, sawing and routing should be a part of any woodworking workshop. The Vario-Bench system has been available exclusively from the Sautershop in Germany for a few years now and more and more enthusiastic woodworkers are beginning to get a taste for this intelligent solution. With the opening of their English shop, the company is finally able to offer this innovative and practical MFT to their English speaking customers. The heart of the Vario-Bench multi-functional table system is the patented MDF perforated plate, which offers a real innovation, in addition to the standard perforated grid of Ø20mm. The extra holes with the clearly lasered angles allow guide rails to be positioned at defined angles in relation to a workpiece and then processed with hand tools guided on the guide rail. In order to set the desired processing angle, the bench dogs are inserted into the correspondingly labelled holes of the Vario-Bench worktop, then both workpiece and guide rail are placed against them. The guide rail and workpiece can be rotated against each other allowing adjustments in 1° increments.


In order to achieve maximum accuracy, the bench pins and the holes in the Vario-Bench worktop are manufactured with the highest precision and are optimally matched to each other in terms of diameter. In standard use the bench pins are inserted into the bench end with a hole facing up. However, as the Vario-Bench worktop is made of MDF, in humid conditions it can slightly swell. In this case, if the bench pins can no longer be easily fitted into the Vario-Bench worktop, simply turn them over. They have been designed with a slightly smaller diameter on one side, so as to maintain the perfect fit and maximum accuracy.

The Vario-Bench comes in two different sizes: the first fits into the Festool MFT; the second (1,200 x 800mm) can be used with the optional base frame, made from profiled aluminium. This system allows the multi-functionality to be fully exploited. Not only on the worktop, but also on the table frame, a range of accessories such as clamps and sliding blocks can be attached to make the Vario-Bench a complete all-rounder.


The multi-function table is a time saving, easy to use workshop helper. Robust and 100% precision built in Germany, further information can be found here.