Lever open, bit in, lever close. This is how quickly the tool can be changed on the router table. This convenience is made possible by the Sauter FM1000-OFL motor with QuickGrip tool system.

Changing cutters on a router table can sometimes be a cumbersome task: either the collet chuck is not easily accessible from above or one hand is under the milling table, holding the spindle lock while the other hand simultaneously turns the union nut open and closed again. With the new QuickGrip clamping on the powerful 1,000W motor, however, this is no longer an issue.


Designed for am 8mm shank router bits can be changed amazingly quickly and easily by simply folding the clamping lever up and down again. For this quick-clamping mechanism, the classic 43mm clamping neck of the milling motor has been transformed into a robust housing construction that allows an end mill to be changed without any additional tools. A helpful and, at the same time, very clever solution.

Designed to work with a router lift, it is especially compatible with with the Sauter OFL range of router lifts. The motor and the innovative QuickGrip clamping system provide unprecedented ease of use for router tables: precise and smooth height adjustment via the router lift and tool-free bit changes on the motor.


The patented technology of the router system comes from a collaboration between Sauter GmbH and engineers from the renowned Germany company, Mafell.

The motor is impressively quiet and smooth running with efficient power output, ensuring woodworking at the router table is a unique experience.

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