"Power Carving" rotary tools feature long-lasting, razor sharp carbide cutting teeth arranged into a unique open pattern to resist loading whilst providing rapid stock removal and smooth finishes. Rotary tools are available in many shapes, sizes and textures to suit your carving, grinding, cutting and machining needs.


Latest products now in stock from Saburrtooth on a variety of their ¼” burrs.  Available in blue which is 125 grit and purple 132 grit – described as super coarse.  Note the rotosaws are only available in the 125 grit.  More information on the range of burrs available can be found here Saburrtooth Supreme


Their existing products are available in Fine (40 grit), Coarse (70 grit) and Extra Coarse (90 grit).

Ideal for power carving allowing for rapid stock removal.  Saburrtooth tools can be used on a variety of materials  although they are not to be used on metal or ceramics.

See the Classic Hand Tools website for further details.