Leading power and gardening tool manufacturer Ryobi has recently announced details of its latest product innovations, including a new set of power tools designed utilising brushless motor technology. The retailer launch is planned for the autumn, with the new products sitting in the DIY giant’s ONE+ range of cordless power tools.
Aimed at the avid DIYer, the new brushless tools sit at a slightly higher price point than the original cordless models due to superior performance and product longevity. Across all brushless power tools run time is increased by up to 40% per charge, allowing bigger jobs to be completed more efficiently. The motor itself will last up to 10 times longer than brushed alternatives, the key difference being that a brushless motor has no physical brushes, preventing friction and wear. The more efficient operation also ensures less heat build-up, reducing energy loss. The intelligent electronics maximise power and allow additional features to be added; with a smaller commutator communicating directly with the copper windings, the tools are now more ergonomic.
With a range of over 70 ONE+ cordless power and gardening tools already under its belt, Ryobi’s new range of tools will include a cordless and brushless circular saw, angle grinder, drill and impact driver, alongside a new cordless trim router, sheet sander and belt sander.

New cordless tools at a glance

Cordless brushless circular saw – R18CS7-0 - £139.99

Cordless brushless circular saw  R18CS7-0

Electronically-controlled, the brushless motor in this ONE+ circular saw optimises efficiency for up to 40% more run time per charge, allowing excellent performance that mirrors the electronic power of corded. Sheet material, worktops and construction timber can all be easily cut by the 24 TCT blade, reaching a depth of 55mm, and E-control allows constant cutting speed throughout the job.

Cordless brushless angle grinder – R18AG7-0 - £119.99

Cordless brushless angle grinder  R18AG7-0

With dramatically improved performance against its brushed motor counterparts, the new ONE+ cordless brushless angle grinder offers a smoother, more efficient cutting experience. E-control enables constant cutting speed and e-protect automatically shuts down power in response to any kick-back, protecting the user. Also supplied with a 125mm grinding disc. 

Cordless brushless percussion drill – R18PDBL-0 - £99.99

Cordless brushless percussion drill  R18PDBL-0

Optimised with brushless technology, the motor in this new ONE+ percussion drill will last up to 10 times longer than traditional brushed drills. The e-Torque control settings ensure screws are driven flush every time, with LED illuminating the work area for extra precision. Complete with 13mm ratcheting chuck for improved bit gripping strength and durability, this is the most compact Ryobi 18V percussion drill to date, at just 201mm in length.

Cordless brushless impact driver – R18IDBL-0 - £119.99

Cordless brushless impact driver  R18IDBL-0

Suitable for a wide range of applications from fitting door hinges to driving decking screws and coach bolts, the new ONE+ brushless impact driver works quickly to tighten and remove fasteners. Its frictionless brushless motor incorporates intelligent electronics to deliver up to 40% more runtime per charge and last up to 10 times longer than brushed drills. The powerful impact mechanism delivers up to five times the power of a standard drill. Pre-set with four speed and power levels, DeckDrive™ has been introduced to deliver soft start and auto-speed reduction for ultimate control while driving decking screws.  Cordless trim router – R18TR-0 - £99.99  [INSERT PHOTO] RYOBI-5.jpg

Designed for more specialist woodwork applications, the new ONE+ cordless trim router has a powerful 29,000rpm for finishing edges fast and efficiently. Micro-adjustable height function ensures perfect accuracy, with LED illumination for improved visibility. The quick-release lever allows for easy depth adjustment and base removal, with a maximum plunge depth of 38mm. Supplied with 6/6.35mm collet, 6.35mm straight cutter, wrench, side fence and packaged in a presentable gift box.

Cordless sheet sander – R18SS4-0 - £54.99

Cordless sheet sander  R18SS4-0

With added micro texture and improved palm grip, the ONE+ cordless ¼ sheet sander reduces fatigue on those longer jobs. Dust bag collection ensures a clean, more comfortable dust-free working environment. The orbit itself measures 1.8mm in diameter, matching the ability of similar corded sanders with the added practical benefit of cordless application.

Cordless belt sander – R18BS-0 - £99.99

Cordless belt sander  R18BS-0

A world-first, Ryobi’s ONE+ cordless belt sander can tackle large sanding projects with the freedom and flexibility of cordless functionality. Its 76 x 533mm belt is compatible with most common accessories and with a 250m/min belt speed, it has been optimised for an exceptional removal rate not seen previously in domestic power tools.

All tools are available to buy on Amazon and selected B&Q stores. Batteries are sold separately and all tools come with Ryobi’s three-year warranty.

To find out more see the Ryobi website