Wealden Tools New Router window system


wealden tools window router system


Wealden Tools has been working on a set of router cutters to assist in the production of timber windows using a router, rather than a spindle moulder.  This Wealden Tools,

designed by Wealden and Fry Design, is a relatively simple system using the minimum of machinery: a router, a saw and only a few other tools.


wealden tools window router system


The cutters will produce professional outward-opening flush timber windows in a UK style. Similar tooling is also available to construct inward-opening windows in the Continental style.  Using Wealden's suggested timber section sizes for the frame and sash will ensure that the cutters will produce the correct mouldings and, in addition, the pdf calculator

supplied will work out a detailed cutting list.

A video showing the basic sequence of making a UK window can be found on YouTube:


and a digital page-turning leaflet with full information and prices:


The cutters are obtainable online from Wealden Tools at


Wealden are keen to stress, however, that these tools are NOT intended for use by the novice, but by competent woodworkers with a knowledge of window-making.