New Rider Sharpening Station


rider sharpening station

The ultimate sharpening station from Axminster’s Rider range has everything you need to get your planes, chisels and scrapers sharpened honed and ready to use. Consisting of a double sided diamond stone (1000 and 400 grit), leather strop and honing compound, board and all the instructions you need for the ultimate edge.

Measuring 250mm (10") x 315mm (12") the Rider Sharpening Station is CNC machined from 13mm (1/2") thick synthetic resin laminate. It is unaffected by oil or water and easy to keep clean. Four rubber feet give stability while sharpening and ensure the board will not creep across the bench in use.

The stone recess is 228mm (11") x 89mm (3.1/2"). This matches the Axminster Rider Double Sided Diamond Bench Stone, which is included in the package. It is a simple matter to hold shorter stones in place using a homemade wedge or spacer to fill any gap. A stone needs to be just snug enough to prevent movement back and forth as you sharpen.

The strop is 203mm (8") x 65mm (2.1/2") quality split grain leather. The strop removes any remaining minute wire edge and puts a final high polish finish on your edge tools. It is a matter of personal preference whether you use it with or without a polishing compound.

Designed to work with an Axminster Rider Honing Guide, it is as effective with similar Eclipse type guides. The edges of the board feature recesses which act as set-up guides for bevel angles of 25°, 30° and 45° for plane irons, and 25° and 30° bevel angles for chisels. This is a very effective sharpening station with guaranteed repeatability for sharpening or honing angles.

The sharpening station includes a board, strop, paste and instructions.

Price of £59.96 inc vat is valid until 31st December 2015.