ProCore 18V 7.0 Ah high-performance battery

More power than ever before, in an especially compact size: Bosch Professional is bringing a new dimension to the use of cordless tools with the ProCore 18V 7.0Ah high-performance battery, which offers approximately 90% more power than the previous 18V 6.0Ah battery, thus improving efficiency.

This significant power increase is thanks to an improved cell design and measures taken to minimise internal resistances. At the same time, the ProCore 18V 7.0Ah is impressively compact, with approximately 30% smaller dimensions than comparable high-performance batteries. These qualities mean it offers the highest energy density in its class.

Bosch has optimised its proven CoolPack technology even further, meaning that this high-performance battery can handle higher power demand over a longer period. This quality places the ProCore 18V 7.0Ah miles ahead of comparable rival models.

Overall, the CoolPack technology also helps to substantially prolong the battery's lifetime compared to a conventional battery. Heat dissipation from the inside out is maximised in this technology by the synergy between several components; the housing and the heat sinks in the interior, which completely encases each individual cell, are manufactured from high-density polyethylene. Both the material and the special design, aimed at maximising the surface area facilitate better heat dissipation. In addition, the battery is designed without any internal spacing, which ensures the heat it produces is not caught in the interior. Improved cell connectors made from copper provides lower resistances and more power as a result. The battery pack has special openings for heat dissipation during the charging process as well. This cooling feature means that the battery can be charged very quickly. The five-level LED display allows tradespeople to keep the charge level of the ProCore 18V 7.0Ah under control at all times.

Fully compatible with the existing 18V range

The ProCore 18V 7.0Ah battery is part of the ‘Flexible Power System’ from Bosch. The advantage of this system? Tradespeople who buy a battery from Bosch can use it immediately without having to worry about whether it is compatible. The ‘Flexible Power System’ guarantees compatibility with all new and existing professional power tools and chargers within the same voltage class. That means greater productivity for professionals in everyday working situations.

The new battery  is now available at the RRP of £217.85 inc VAT.

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