“I can hear you muttering that becoming a turner will mean learning a hobby that is conducted in the solitary confinement of your shed or garage. Well, partly right, but mostly wrong. This is because there is an ever-growing army of woodworkers out there who are keen to see what their fellow turners are creating. Forums including  getwoodworking.com are electric with activity as turners access each other’s work, offer hints and tips to solve problems and generally take a lively interest in each other’s pieces. National turning groups like the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain and the British Woodturners Association, plus numerous local organizations, all meet so members can share their knowledge.

“But how to get started with this most exacting but diverse of traditional crafts? In this issue of Practical Woodworking we’ve tried to provide enough information to whet your appetite, with gurus like Alan Holtham, Chris Child and Les Thorne advising you about the equipment you need to start turning bowls and spindles, how to use the tools effectively and, of course, how to make projects from the basic to the more complex, from simple knobs with which to enhance furniture to beautiful salt and pepper mills, via boxes, a lamp, a candlestick, a mirror and a bowl.
We hope this issue convinces you to set up your first lathe, try out the basic tools and join the turning gang.”