The latest in the series of Practical is dedicated to the workshop. The publication is split into several sections. The first looks at how to build your own dedicated workspace and covers everything from a simple garden shed to a full blown ‘ultimate’ workshop with all the trimmings.  The second section includes lots of helpful tips for getting your workshop set up. From heating and lighting, to machine placement and safety, each area of the workshop should be carefully thought through to ensure it is a productive environment.  Once your workshop is ready, you’ll need to kit it out with the appropriate tools and machinery. The third section looks at the various options available depending on your budget, with three options: low, mid and high. It also covers what to look for when choosing workshop essentials such as the bandsaw, radial arm saw, drill press and dust eliminating vacuum cleaners.  So you’ve built the workshop, fi tted it out and filled it with tools and machinery, now it’s time to put all the theory into practice and start making things. The projects featured will also fi nd a use in the workshop themselves once completed.  As usual all the features are presented in a clean, clear and easy to follow style that’s designed to help you read the magazine, develop your woodworking skills and enjoy using your workshop.   Also in this issue...  Workshop in a weekend - If you don't have the time to design and build a workshop from scratch, then there are a number of flatpack outbuildings you can buy off-the-shelf and erect in a matter of hours  Workshop safety - You can save yourself a lot of time and headaches by arranging your workshop the right way for you right from the beginning  Low budget workshop - Most of us have to work to a budget but how do you shop smart to get the best tools? Andy Standing begins this section with a look at the best buys for a £500 budget  Bandsaw cabinet - James Hatter's custom-built bandsaw cabinet has plenty of storage space and can be wheeled to where it's needed.