The latest issue of Practical Woodworking is full of great toy and game projects aimed to inspire, excite and entertain both the maker and the lucky recipient.

The publication is split into several sections. The first features toys designed for playtime that should appeal to younger children. It includes ideas to keep them active and learning through play.

The subject of the second section is games and puzzles and it contains a range of projects that will provide hours of fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. These include some simple animal puzzles for the younger ones and an interesting brain teasing ring puzzle that should challenge those a little older. 

The third section is all about getting outside and having some fun in the fresh air. It includes instructions on how to make a BMX bike jump, a boomerang and a young child's swing.

Models and hobbies is the subject of the fourth and final section and it includes some wonderful ideas designed to fire the imagination. These include a very detailed Victorian terrace dolls' house, a classic omnibus and a rocking horse.

As usual all the features are presented in a clean, clear and easy to follow style that's designed to help you read the magazine, develop your woodworking skills and enjoy making the projects.

Also in this issue...

Playtime toys - a selection of exciting toys designed for a whole range of ages.

Games & puzzles - an interesting and varied range of games and puzzles, from some simple animal shaped puzzles for children, to more advanced projects aimed at a slightly older age group.

Outdoor fun - Getting outside for some active fun in the fresh air is hard to beat and in this section you'll find projects designed to do just that.

Models & hobbies - Includes classics such as a Victorian dolls' house, model omnibus, Red Baron biplane and rocking horse.